Great Lake Swimmers - River's Edge

Nas margens de um rio,
A vida nasce, floresce, e morre...
Para um novo renascer.
Não tenha medo, deixe-se levar. 
É o ciclo natural da vida.
Mas é preciso viver e amar.
Isto é bom e é uma grande verdade.

River's edge, so quiet and full of potential
With weeping trees and just enough nightfall
To cover up the strays
I can hear boats in the distance
Making saviours out of ordinary people
Now they sing in a symphony of keepers
And they hail in the harmony of saviours
You've got to live, live, live, and love, love, love
Whether you like it or not, I will love you
Now the wind picks up swiftly and suddenly
And it's breathing as if from a mouth
And the edges are lungs that are heaving
And it's breathing now without my help
And we turn against the darkness with intention
River's edge, you're all that I have
And a night filled with promises
And just enough nightfall to cover up the strays
Now the river's like horses unbroken
And it really is time for a change
And it moves and connects with a uniform
And the bodies return to their makers
And it's good and it's true, let it wash over you
Untethered and without a reason

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